Start This – Stop That

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is gone and by the time you read this it will be the New Year. The Thanksgiving hype is to remind us to be thankful. The Christmas spirit is for giving, not receiving and the New Year promises personal improvement and a fresh start. With all these yearly inspirations to live a more…
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We Would’ve Run

Last weekend I made my way back home to my Mom and Dad’s. I get a little sentimental driving through Ulen and always with a wandering eye to notice any changes since my last visit. I’d just made it over the railroad tracks and I see two little boys making their way down the sidewalk with…
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Your Use And Your Purpose

I’d like to think living in a smaller space has made me less wasteful and more resourceful. Every item in my house serves more than one purpose and its original intended use is never its last. As we all know my brain has a funny way of working and simple concepts such as this tend to…
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Measurement Of Love

Since I like to keep people guessing I’m going to dramatically switch gears this week. Last week was a little crude, I was a little ticked off and had to let out some steam. This week is different. I’m in great spirits, the holiday season has me gitty and I have yet to feel like…
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Webster Knows Best

Tis’ the season to be thankful. There are so many things that bring me joy, especially during this time of year. Unfortunately because I’m a normal human being there are a few things that will irritate me no matter the season, my mood or the fact that I have a million blessings to count. I…
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Change Your Prescription

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before but a large part of my inspiration of topics come from my day-to-day conversation. That being said, this week as I exchanged text messages with a friend over a rather comical matter – I produced a thought-provoking one liner. “Sometimes perspective will change the prescription.” Though I won’t…
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To Thine Own Self Be Nice

Goals are the structure of self-improvement. Without them we would fail to build and grow. Some set goals regularly, others very seldom do. I’ve never been one to put my goals on paper, they’re filed away in one of my brain drawers. Notice I didn’t say “neatly” filed away. Ha, I wish! My goals aren’t even in chronological order!…
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