Quote This

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few weeks, life gets busy and sometimes I forget I need to write down my thoughts. Maybe you missed me; maybe you didn’t…either way I’m back at it! This past month I had numerous experiences that left me fuming and spewing over the world we live in. Some might…
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Listen Here!

I’ve turned a new page this year, literally and figuratively. My dusty stash of books is being dwindled down cover by cover. My renewed love of reading not only helps me pass the time but as an occasional writer – helps rattle my brain for new topics. I recently finished The Five People You Meet…
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Old Glory

Last Tuesday I took my lunch, scrolled through my phone – Facebook, emails, and Instagram. I’ll admit I didn’t wake up that day excited because it was an important day. I hadn’t spent weeks preparing and I wasn’t planning a party to celebrate. To be completely honest I’m ashamed of not being aware of what day…
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The Responsible Generation

I often hesitate to write about my thoughts on the kids of today. The most obvious reason is that I haven’t yet produced any kids of today – ha! Usually someone without hands-on experience shouldn’t open their big yapper. Today however, I’ll overstep my boundary but if it’s any consolation I’m not really sure I…
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Teenager Shmeenager

Growing up has its perks and it certainly has its downfalls. As a soon to be 26-year-old the dim light of adulthood is growing nearer every day. I find myself enjoying strange things that my 18-year-old self would make fun of me for. My days consist of events I never dreamed of and to top…
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A Word

It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of words – if I wasn’t, you certainly wouldn’t be reading mine. I like descriptive words, ones that really tell you how someone feels. For that reason you’ll never have to apologize for letting any of those swear words slip in front of me. I like those words…
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Dear Dog Sitter,

Last weekend we took a much needed trip to the cities to visit a friend. It was long overdue and as always it’s a treat to get out of the country. I’d say, get out of town, but we live in Vergas so that wouldn’t make much sense. Anyway, when you have a dog it’s…
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