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I’ve noticed a bit more traffic to my blog than usual, I also couldn’t help but notice many of the new comers are reading this “About Me” page. Since I like new, up to date information I thought it’d be nice if I added some here and now info about myself. No need for you to read about Kelsey a year and a half ago, I’m certain if you’ve come to this page you’d like to know about mid-2015 Kelsey.

I still currently reside in an old town hall. One that has been cleverly remodeled into a cabin. Many people don’t go on and on about their house as I do but it’s a rather unique living arrangement and well….I guess you could call me proud! It was built in 1917, it still stands as it did then with its original hardwood floors, stamped tin and stage intact. However, it’s gotten a few upgrades. The town hall now comes complete with all the amenities needed for a 2015 human but for a 2015 human who has a slight obsession with “old stuff.” That’d be me!

On any given day of the week you’ll also find my wonderful boyfriend Tom at the town hall as well. We also recently invested in a puppy. Yep, we are that stereotypical young couple who got a dog together (let the awwwwe commence.) On the other hand everything else isn’t as cookie cutter. I can’t speak for him so I’ll just mention as for myself I’m a bit of an old soul. I see things differently than my twenty something counterparts. Since I see things in my own little weird, Norwegian way that’s how this all got started. This very blog has been going strong for roughly a year and a half and on occasion I will contribute my writing to www.yogiapproved.com because I’m what they’d call a yogi but minus all the vegan stuff- I like steak too much.  Anyway, recently this blog has given me the opportunity to write a column for my hometown newspaper which happens to be the Ulen Union. Pick up a copy, get a subscription or just talk your hometown paper into featuring my column as well and you’ll be able to read all about this rambling woman in old fashioned print! Sounds wonderful, right!

I suppose this is where I should list my hobbies, likes and dislikes. I realize this isn’t a dating site but I think you’re here to understand what I’m all about. So quickly here it is in poor sentence structure and in no particular order. Hobbies: riding horse, hunting, interior decorating, home improvement, repurposing, writing, listening to music obscenely loud, yoga and sitting on my deck. Likes: positivity, animals, coffee, humor, wine, perfect scenery by mother nature, the outdoors, my dog Rousey, my horse Nikko, Tom, my home, my family, my friends and love, I love, love! Dislikes: T.V., pop(soda), complainers, being politically correct, forcefully opinionated people, laundry-I hate doing laundry.

One last thing I think it’s important for you to know. Most everything you read from me is true, yet never take me too seriously…there is often heavy sarcasm. If at times you don’t agree with me, that’s okay not everyone does. If at times you totally agree with me and like what you’ve read, leave a comment. I thoroughly enjoy feedback!

There isn’t much else to say other than this is my blog. It’s about my life, life in general, the way I see the world, the way I wish the world was, it’s about people, society, it’s sometimes funny and other times a little touchy feely. I hope you’ll stop back often!

Yours Truly,

The Ramblin Woman





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