About the Ramblin Woman

I don’t have a fabulous back-story on why I like to write. It just kind of happened. I enjoyed creative writing in high school and had a few awesome English teachers along the way. One in particular really enjoyed my stuff and that stayed in the back of my mind. Then came Facebook, a place to put my short thoughts. However its not suitable for long drawn out thoughts. Long-drawn out thoughts is all I’ve had in the past year. I snooped around for ideas on how to give my hamster a new wheel.

One day as I was telling my mom a story of some strange event that happened, with a twist of my perception….she said “I think you need to write a book.” I said, “Yes and I’ll call it Ramblings of a Norwegian Woman.” I’m mostly Norwegian, a tad bit German and quite possibly a pinch of something else so it seemed fitting. Not that I’ve drafted a book (yet) but nonetheless….Ramblings of a Norwegian Woman was born.


I could write a line similar to Jason Aldean’s song “The Only Way I Know” going on and on about a little town I grew up in, but I won’t. It basically fits the bit of any other small population town. Sure I think its a little better than the next town but that’s because its my home. As much as I complained about it as a kid, it will always be my hometown. (insert another country lyric)

I’m a country kid, I tried living in the city for a few months. Worst three months of my life. Along with my rural upbringing I enjoy the usual, a good gun, a good horse, a good drink and good company. I rock out to the beat of my own drum and enjoy every minute of it. My humor isn’t always acceptable and you can thank my Dad and Brother for that one. I have the uncanny ability to be severely honest because there’s no sense in sugar coating anything. I’m a little ruff around the edges but I don’t see any reason to buff them out.


I have a undeniable love for old things. Antiques you might think….but it doesn’t have to be a priceless piece of history. As long as I can imagine another (new) purpose for it, chances are I’m going to make it happen or at least talk my crafty parents into helping me make it happen.

I recently purchased an old town hall that had been repurposed into a 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin. I spend all my free time on my redwood deck with a million dollar view or in my paddle boat enjoying the scenery. If I’m occupied you will find me working, riding horse, and spending time with friends and family. I love my simple life and at 24 I’m learning the ropes of life and love….love and life.


I hate reality TV, I generally don’t watch TV, I’d rather read a newspaper or watch a documentary….I have also come to terms that I was born in the entirely wrong decade. It’s a curse or perhaps a blessing as now I can sit and preach about all the “simple” things in life we should be taking part in. Maybe that’s my purpose…maybe not.

Until I figure out what my purpose is, I’ll be testing the waters in almost every watering hole until it feels just right. If it doesn’t feel right then I’m not quite there. Life is a road, meant to be traveled whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. I’m a firm believer in getting out there, getting it done and taking as much from any and all experiences. If we aren’t learning then we aren’t growing. Growing is important for change and change is inevitable.

Yours Truly,

The Ramblin Woman




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