The Negativity Effect

Disclaimers usually appear at the end of a proposal, production or any debatable content. Since you’d find this subject under debatable I’ll just cut to the chase and give you the disclaimer beforehand. *In no way shape or form do I feel that I am not or ever have been a producer of the negativity effect. I certainly contribute my fair share. This specific piece I’ve written has nothing to do with any one person, it’s a generalization and in my opinion all people suffer from it. However, if you feel like you see some similarities within yourself…as they say, “If the shoe fits, lace it up and wear it.”

If you’ve read anything from me you’ll know 9 times out of 10 I’ll take the positive road. I’m a believer in karma, I think that what you give out is exactly what you get back. I believe the thoughts you think will eventually become a very real product within your life. I’m no motivational speaker but I know when someone should see the bright side of that murky, dark cloud above them. Life can ALWAYS be worse and life can ALWAYS get better. You decide which one you’ll focus on. Simple concept, right?

The negativity effect is something that starts with one extremely negative individual and flows through to every single person they meet along their way. This person wakes up in the morning…didn’t get enough sleep, has some type of ailment, probably had someone pee in their Wheaties….because that’s the only way they’ll eat their Wheaties, with a big helping of “poor me” some sugar. (wink, wink)

They most likely had some horrific thing happen to them getting ready for work or on the way to work because they’re certain it’s only them that get up, get ready and make their way out into the big world. Bravo, I am so proud of you for waking up and contributing to society, we all thank you. Even though you may show how positively proud you are of this person or thank God that they arrived alive and well, they won’t notice.

They won’t notice because they’re much too busy pointing out what awful circumstance was on the T.V., radio or waiting for them when they arrived at their destination. As they pour themselves a cup of joe you’ll wish they’d pour a cup of something very different. I’ll let you fill in the blank on that one, it’s so much more fun if you guys can participate with me. You’ll notice these people are excessive repeaters. So if it wasn’t fun enough to hear it once, you get the divine opportunity to hear it again and again until you get the positively, overwhelming urge to let them know you’ve heard it all before.

You’ll find all too often that as you catch up on the last few weeks, days, or even hours that your life isn’t nearly as bad as theirs. You’ll notice that your life isn’t as hectic, boring, cursed or important as theirs. You’ll feel slightly insignificant, unless of course you can come up with something as heinous as them.

If you haven’t noticed, in just a short visit you’ve already felt the need to hush someone, tried to control your sanity and felt the need to find something awful about your life just to compete. This is the negativity effect in full force. Soon you’ll pass someone who asks you how your day is and you’ll reply with a less than flattering answer. You’ll feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated while around theses blatant fun suckers. All positive energy has been drained and because you feel irritated you will in turn, force that irritation on others.

I’m not the only one that feels the pain of the negativity effect. I see and hear others enduring the same. That being said, like any other problem; if we’re going to complain about it, we should fix it!

The next time you show friendly interest in others lives…negative people’s lives, do you both a favor a make sure your reaction is perfectly tailored. If you ask how their Summer has been and they reply with, “Busy, I feel like I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.” You reply with how wonderful yours has been because you aren’t afraid to take a break. When you ask them how they’ve been and they say, “Exhausted, I’m constantly going here, there and everywhere. So much to do!” You reply with how many great experiences you’ve had and all the places you’ve been thankful for going. When the negativity effect is being passed via social baton, you either throw that dirty baton on the ground or you do a dazzling juggling act and carry that baton like it’s your day job! Never let someone else’s poor attitude bring you down.

We learn these things as children but adults are quick to forget.




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