Using For The Purpose Of Playing

I just finished up a YouTube video of a man by the name of Benjamin Smythe. He’s a little out there but from what I can tell he’s a life coach, helping others reach goals and be freely happy with themselves. This video in particular is about how to achieve optimum health. Is it possible? What would be considered optimal health? This is why I love this guy….

Instead of the worn out, mundane argument of being physically fit and how to obtain such status, he puts an entirely different spin on it. Benjamin goes on to talk about how….sure you can do “X” activity expecting to get “Y” result but healthy people die all the time. Physically fit and physically unfit people die each and every day without regard to an exercise regime. He explains that how you feel is a majority of how “optimally healthy” you are. Clearly science proves that daily exercise and overall healthy practices give you an upper hand, but an upper hand of the expected. What about the unexpected? So, what is going to get you through the unexpected? The future is entirely unknown, it will never fit your exact expectation and “all behaviors are gambles in terms of the outcome.”

He goes on to talk about exercise vs. playing. The term playing sounds juvenile but not by definition. (To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose) He states that “There’s a whole f*@$%#! playground here and really cool people to play with.” Ha! Best line ever! How are you playing and using the people in your life? We are all using people consciously or subconsciously because we interact or play with these people for enjoyment. All day, every day. I have a very large circle of people I interact with because I get something from each one that is very different from the next.

Now let’s all assume we are using each other for the right reasons and not the wrong. Let’s assume we all choose relationships and friendships because they benefit us positively. Think of what kind of place that would create, a very genuine and wholesome environment! Because I’m realistic and my rose colored glasses broke years ago I realize this is not the case. However, in my mind reaching this aforementioned optimum health would involve being content with our decisions, behavior and overall way of life.

As a result of our lifestyles we meet many people along our journey; employers, friends, enemies, family and strangers that remain strangers but show their style of “playing” if only for a moment. We learn from this and we guide ourselves and others with this. Playing shouldn’t be left at our playgrounds, streets we rode our bikes on, courts we competed on or even the puddles we ran through.

Playing should be a part of our everyday. After all your the player and its your game. Not everyone will play fair but if you do you’ll be happy with the end result.

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